FPVSIM Drone Simulator

The Drone Flight Simulator that combines photorealistic graphics with research level dynamics. Available on Steam & Epic Game Stores (Windows) and OSX, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, etc. (lite version, runs in browser)!

Designed & tuned for high consistency with research level quadrotor dynamics simulation engine.
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6 different maps, with possibly the best graphics in the industry

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Great stick feel with research level dynamics simulation tuned by professionals

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Real PID loop with tunable PID, Feedforward, TPAs, etc

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while improving on your FPV skills.

With the latest Unreal Engine technology, the graphics are not just realistic, they're better than realistic. With all the special effects turned on, you can record clips that nobody can tell is from a game.
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Record your fast lap times by submitting your runs to the leaderboard

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Replay the DVR with versatile controls: backward/forward jumps with variable speed

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Native Nvidia Reflex/DLSS/NIS support brings the best graphics with performance

Hi, I'm qdrk, primary developer of FPVSIM. I started FPV 10 years ago where KK FC was still a thing 😂 and had fallen in love with it ever since. Lately I do a lot of racing but have kept a decent amount of freestyle too.
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Tunable graphics settings for wide range of hardwares support

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OpenTX, Gamepad, DJI radio controllers all supported

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Built with ❤️ by pilots, for pilots

Just $9.9 / year, cancel anytime with prorated refund (only charging for used time)

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  • More platform support - OSX (Mac), Linux, VR, etc.
  • Multiplayer mode - DONE
  • More maps - DONE
  • In game PID/Rate configurators - DONE
  • Graphical radio calibrators - DONE
  • The features you want, please let us know!

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