FPVSim is a Drone/FPV Flight Simulator that gives the most realistic and fun flight experiences for drone pilots with its high and consistent FPS. It also includes a suite of tools for pilots to easily analyze and track real drones' performance and configurations in the browser. No installation required.

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Drone Flight Simulator

Designed & polished for ultra low latency and insanely high consistency with bleeding edge quadrotor dynamics simulation engine. Top racing and freestyle pilots' choice
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Cutting edge dynamics

Based on the same dynamics simulation engine that's used to train the Zurich University AI Racing Drone, FPVSim brings superb stick feel, with tunable PIDs the same as real drones.

FPVSim Sim insanely high and locked FPS.

Insanely high & locked FPS

With the best consistency comes the highest quality training data for top racers to further optimize their reflexes. On a 12700K CPU with RTX 3080, it's easy to get over 4000 FPS.

FPVSim Sim track editor.

Easy to use track editor

Probably the easiest to use track editor on the market. You can edit and save tracks from PCs or tablets, even from mobile phones! Making track building a breeze.

Fleet Manager & Blackbox Analyzer

Don't just fly in the Matrix, also fly in real life! Here are the handy tools for better real life flying.
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Analyze logs in browser/phone

Provides more advanced features than blackbox log viewer, and doesn't require any installation. You can use this tool to tune your quad's PIDs, diagnose noise issues, desyncs, etc.

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Fleet management

Updating the configuration of a fleet of drones is not an easy job. Now on FPVSim, you can easily track the configurations of a fleet of quads, rollback to a previous version with a single click.

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State of the art analysis tools

FPVSim leverages state of the art dynamic system analysis algorithms, providing you insights on drone's PID tuning, step responses, filtering strategies, and so on.

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CLI interface

Updating quad config has never been easier. Plug in your quad, open the CLI interface, and change settings with CLI commands. A set of convenience commands such as VTX tables, will make quad setup a breeze.

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Track changes

All of the quad config changes are tracked and can be explored in a git-like comparison view. You'll never need to whack your mind to remember what has been changed on a quad weeks ago.

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Get help online

Asking experts to diagnose your drone issues has never been easier! You can share your logs easily on FPVSim which generates a link to your log for you to post on Facebook or Discord groups .

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