FPVSIM Reroute One Pager Manual

This briefly summarizes what's needed to get started with the FPVSIM 2023: Reroute game.

Please make sure you have subscribed to one of the paid plans on fpvsim.com to be able to access the game. Subscribe here. Appreciate your support!

Radio/Controller Setup

1. Plug in your radio to the computer, choose Joystick mode if prompted from the radio.

2. Launch the game, go to Options -> Radio & Gamepad

FPVSIM Gamepad Calibration View

3. Choose the correct joystick axis for controls of each input channel.

Use the axis display at the bottom to see whether you have chosen the right axis for the channel. If the bottom display stopped refreshing, try to switch the tabs back and forth (this'll be fixed in the next release)

FPVSIM Gamepad Calibration View - with channel display

4. For DJI remote controllers, please toggle the Is DJI remote controller option. Note you'll still need to reassign axes (will be optimized in the next release)

FPVSIM Gamepad Calibration View - DJI Remote Controller
For less powerful hardwares

If you have a less powerful hardware or simply want higher frame rate, set the video quality to low.

FPVSIM Video Settings - Adjust Video Quality

You can use NVIDIA performance stats (Alt + R) to see where the bottleneck is. If CPU is the bottleneck, you can tune up the video quality as lowering it won't help much anyway.

For supported hardware, you can turn on NVIDIA Reflex/DLSS/NIS mode to further improve the performance.

Rates and PID settings

Different from traditional sims, you configure rates and PID settings in your account on fpvsim.com/sim, and sync the settings to the game. You don't need to set them again after migrating your computer or reinstalling the game. Note only the settings displayed in Reroute are synced.

Setting PIDs on fpvsim.com/sim

FPVSIM PID Settings View

Setting Rates on fpvsim.com/sim

FPVSIM PID Settings View

Sync PIDs and rates to Reroute

FPVSIM PID Settings View
FPVSIM PID Settings View
Useful keyboard Shortcuts

Key L: reset the crash respawn location to the current location.

Key R: respawn at the respawn location.

Please join our Discord server if you would like to hangout or if you have any questions!