Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

After almost half a year of R&D, it's finally here! Introducing FPVSIM Timer 4.0, the first AI powered FPV lap timing and race coaching system and our first in-house FPVSIM Timer V2 Kit hardware! Get them here:

In FPVSIM Timer 4.0, we are offering two main AI powered features: AI racing coach and voice control...

Here are some of my thoughts on OpenIPC. I'm an FPV Racer and occasional Freestyler. I tried this system for the past two months, definitely not an expert yet, so just sharing from a first timer's perspective.

What platforms might it be good for?

  • Low budget and doesn't care much about latencies
  • Long range drones flying in large open area with autopilot mode (RTH at least)
  • Freestyles (maybe, if the system doesn't stutter and instead gives gradually degraded videos)

I've been wanting to try this for so long and since it's kinda drizzling out there today, I finally got time to test this out. Here's what I did, took two of my beater racing drones, flip one of them by changing the motor order and FC orientation and then use zip ties to tie them together. Voila! I got a X8 octocopter!

Recently, I have been hearing a buzz word "phase delay" around the FPV community a lot. In plain words, phase delay is the delay between what the drone sees versus the reality, which could be several milliseconds behind. This causes a lot of issues, one very common analogy in real life is:

Two polite persons walking towards each other on the same lane and start to give way to each other, but only end up walking on the same lane again.

If one of the person knows the other person is going to give way to them, they could stop moving thus resolving the conflict.

This happens in the drone PID controller a lot too, especially on the D term, which is very senstive to such delays. However,

What does PID try to solve in general? Simply put, PID is a way to answer the question - how much “force” to apply to reach a target state from one state?

Some examples:

  1. Adjust the power of an AC to reach a temperature
  2. Apply throttle or brake to reach a speed
  3. Adjust the motor RPM of a drone, to reach certain rotation speed