FPVSIM Timer 2.0

A modern cross platform FPV lap timing and race coaching system.

Too busy to DIY? Get an off-the-shelf one today!

The FPVSIM Timer Kit is the tiniest and cheapest FPV timer you can find in the world, period. This kit provides the lowest entry into professional drone racing training. You can also easily combine multiple units with an USB hub to make it a full fledged team racing solution. A similar setup usually costs around 5X more before FPVSIM Timer.

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Multi-racer events support
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Add up to 8 timers to race simultaneously (requires Event Basic subscription)

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Drag/drop to configure/rearrange multiple racing groups

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OBS overlay allows you integrate the timer with mainstream OBS systems for engaging broadcasting

Just practicing? No problem, time to make every practice counts!

FPVSIM Timer is also designed to make solo racer practice more efficient. Allowing you to improve your skills faster.
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View your lap time trend of a session to see if you are still improving

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Racing metronome feature allowing you to keep track of your pace all the time

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Software available on Windows, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux

Designed with FPV wireless interference in mind

The amount of wireless interferences on an FPV field is no joke, but don't worry, we got you covered
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You can connect to the timer through a WIFI router. Using 5.8Ghz can perfect avoid the interferences from 2.4Ghz radios

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Want the ultimate reliable connections for an event? No problem, just connect to the router with an ethernet cable

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Can also directly connect to the timer using the timer hotspot

Free and paid options both available

  • Free option allows up to 20 lap time announcements every day
  • Solo racer permanent license $12.9 - enjoying all current and future updates
  • Premium and Ultimate plan subscribers get Solo racer access automatically
  • Event organizers, please subscribe to the event plans and let me know what new features you want, I'm all ears!
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DIY and Walkthrough Videos

Feel free to comment on the videos if you have any questions.