Introducing FPVSIM Timer 4.0 with AI

22 Mar 2024

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

After almost half a year of R&D, it's finally here! Introducing FPVSIM Timer 4.0, the first AI powered FPV lap timing and race coaching system and our first in-house FPVSIM Timer V2 Kit hardware! Get them here:

In FPVSIM Timer 4.0, we are offering two main AI powered features: AI racing coach and voice control.

AI racing coach utilizes the cutting edge LLM AI models to analyze your lap times in real time, and gives you insightful advices to help you focus on the things you need to improve on. It's almost as if you have hired a personal coach that's super sensitive to numbers and knows racing inside out. This feature requires Internet access.

With the all new voice control feature, you can say "Hey there, start race" or "Hey there, stop race" to ask FPVSIM AI to operate the race for you without using your hands. This feature runs offline on your local device, none of your voices are sent to the server to process. So no Internet access required. Please allow Microphone access when enabling this feature.

  • Currently the AI assistant does require a powerful CPU to run the AI models fast, so for older laptops or phones, it might run very slow. But future updates will make it faster for low-end devices.
  • Only Desktop and English supported currently.
  • Currently supported voice commands are: Hey there, start race

    Hey there, stop race

    Hey there, submit race

    Hey there, repeat times

    Hey there, activate AI coach

    Hey there, deactive AI coach

    Hey there, status

    Hey there, help

The voice commands doesn't have to be exactly the same as above, they should work as long as they are close in meaning (yes, FPVSIM AI is smart!), but the prompt word "Hey there" has to be there.

  • Future development will make the voice control feature more capable, so please let us know what features you like to use voice to control the most!
  • AI features are currently open for Duo/Event subscribers. Thank you for supporting our work for more exciting features!

Other updates include:

  1. Add max lap time check, so the timer can auto filter out laptimes spent on swapping batteries or crashes.
  2. Various polishes and bug fixes

Together with the FPVSIM Timer 4.0, we are also updating our hardware offerings with FPVSIM Timer V2 Kit. Having an in-house hardware gives us more control over the quality of the hardware, so we are confident to always send you the highest quality products. Note that FPVSIM is not responsible for third-party hardwares and may stop supporting them in future releases. To be future-proof, get FPVSIM Timer official hardwares from our authorized resellers only. You can purchase the new hardwares here for only $35. FPVSIM Timer V2 Kit features strong WIFI signals and compact design. I run the timer in California without a fan, if your area is hotter, try to add a fan and make sure air circulation is good to avoid overheat.

Thank you all for your continuous support! Can't wait to see what we can do together!